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Feng Shui for Living

I offer advice on ways to redecorate or redesign your home or work space with a feng shui flare.  Feng shui is the ancient art of placement. Proper feng shui placement is said to enhance life and bring prosperity and happiness.  I offer tools to help people along a spiritual journey towards a more balanced and purposeful life.  Join my Facebook group Feng Shui for Living for helpful hints to a more mindful lifestyle. 

Feng Shui

Changing the flow of energy in your home can bring positive changes in your life. If chi is blocked in your home you could be holding negative energy around you. This energy can be absorbed by your chakras and create blocked or restricted energy in you. A Feng Shui chart can help you understand the best placements for your home. The chart can help you fine areas in your home that are causing you to stumble in life.

Growing up my mother used to tell us, “Cleanliness is next to godliness.” What she was saying was that god loves it when we are clean; clean in our bodies, clean in our homes, clean in our lives. Wanting to be a good an obedient child of god, we would then go and clean our rooms, take our baths and try to live clean. I did not litter, I would hold my trash until I found a proper trashcan to throw-a-way my trash. I grew up with the healthy habit of keeping everything in its place. On my journey to a better way of life, it seems only natural that I found my way to feng shui for living.

Everything has energy. So, it is easy to see how a hodge-podge of miscellaneous object collected around us can bring mixed energies into our lives. But it is important to understand that some people have very organized and lovely homes, yet they still may have issues with poor Feng Shui placement bringing disharmony into their lives. Each direction on the compass has a relationship with different aspects of your life. Using feng shui can help to alleviates some of these stresses.  Chi is energy that should be flowing all around you. You cannot see chi energy, but it can be felt.  For more information about feng shui and chi energy follow my blog where I write on this topic and many others You may also follow the blog tab at the topof the page.

As part of the Feng Shui system of practices, Inceptions of Design offers Tarot card readings and Chakra energy readings. Instruction for home cleansing for better Chi flow is also offered.



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