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Interior Design & Decorating


Whether you are commissioning a work of art to accent your home or business, or having  your memorabilia re-designed into creative work of art to be enjoyed in your space, Inceptions of Design will endeavor to invent a space or that speaks to your personality.


Coming Soon: Featured artists, Inceptions of Design will offer select artists an opportunity to be featured on the Inceptions of website. Artists will have the opportunity to post their Bio, picture and a link to their website or facebook, twitter or other other social media sites. For more information email 


Special Pricing:           Prices will vary depending on the type of project.  However, there are some prices that can be generalized, for example, the pricing of portraits.  In general, those prices are listed below.  Yet depending of the supplies used these prices are subject to change as well.

           In most commission, situations an estimate will be given for the complete job.  The customer would be required to pay (1/3) one third of the total cost up front, before he job is started and (1/3) one third around the middle of completion.  Then the final (1/3) would be due upon completion.  Any unforeseen cost may be required when they are relevant or at the end of the job depending upon the situation.   Some services require payment first; others require half payment up front with the remainder upon completion.  In special situations other arrangements may be made upon the discretion of the artist.  Clients are given opportunities to view work at various stages.  Inceptions of Design will make every effort to please the customer.  Should we be unable to come to a mutual agreement, a price reduction might be arranged as there will be a fee associated with supplies used and or time allocations with regards to large projects. 

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Single Room Projects

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Average Portrait Pricing:

1)    11 x 14 Artist Canvas Panel  -  $135.00  

2)    12 x 16 Artist Canvas Panel   $145.00  

3)    16 x 20 Artist Canvas Panel  -  $160.00  


4)          9 x 12 Canvas Sheets                 -  $125.00 

5)        18 x 24 Canvas  Sheets              -  $175.00 

Pricing may vary by project and material. 

You may contact the artist at:    

 Please follow this link or paste this address to your browser to view Inceptions Web Gallery:


Artwork on Public Display
For new items up for sale or viewing by Artist Selena Slaughter-Thierry visit 
the Texas Artists Museum, located at 3501 Cultural Center Drive, Port Arthur, TX 77642. 

The museum hosts a new concept gallery that has over 30 artists. 
The work is changed every quarter offering new designs to choose from for purchase all year long. 
To commission me for a project send an email to or

In 2017 our museum suffered major damages from the flood waters of Hurricane Harvey. It has been closed every since and I no longer have the benefit of the space at the Texas Artists Museum as a source of display space for my work. I am not promoting for donations to help me to obtain space for not only displaying my work but for the creation of my work as well.  You can send donations via PayPal.

You may also request a viewing of my portfolio.


Inceptions of Design Outreach Programs:

Inceptions of Design want to be a help in the community; therefore, Inceptions of Design participates in Outreach Programs.  Inceptions works to address various different needs as an act of charity.  For more information about my charitable activities follow me on facebook.

Event Planning: Fundraisers, Conferences 
and other events


The first annual Black Friday Sales Event at the Texas Artists Museum in November of 2016 was both an art sale and a fundraiser event. It was open to the pubic and free for all the members of the New Concept Gallery to participate and sale their art, hand made items such as jewelry, and other new, re purposed or up cycled goods. 


Artist, Selena Slaughter has been creating art all her life. She enjoys working with acrylic paints. Selena also works with oils, watercolors and pastels and/or charcoal. She prefers abstract works or monochromatic portrait work. Selena makes pottery and builds sculpture using clay, wood and or other items. Selena also, enjoys paper work where she builds collages. Multi-medium works are another thing that Selena enjoys working with.

Selena is also a photographer. You may contact her to plan to have your picture taken.  Selena also does creative photography.  She works in both digital and film/wet photography, and she works in color as well as black & white.

She also makes sewn creations as she is a seamstress.  She can make clothing; such as pants, shirts/top, shorts, skirts, dresses, and costumes.  Selena sews accessories as well, such as; hats, purse, & belts.  Included in her sewn creations are craft items such as, dolls, quilts, & wall hangings.  

Selena is also a writer. She writes plays, poetry, and stories. Some of her more noted plays are "At the Service Desk," "The Study Group," and "Typographical Errors."  These are tem-minute or short plays included in her book, "Life Gets Interesting Sometimes."

Selena enjoys experimenting with her art.  The acrylic paintings shown here are experimental projects.  They were created in the 80’s and all feature a ring motif.   The portrait of “Prince” is a monochromatic acrylic painting on fabric and paper. Arsenio Hall and Eddie Murphy are acrylic paintings on fabric and paper.  The portraits were painted from a combination of photographs.  The Lotus blossoms are digital photographs. The photos labeled “bike lites” are experimental film photography, night shots without a flash.
To view or purchase new works by this artist, visit the Texas Artists Museum located at 3501 Cultural Center Drive, Port Arthur, TX 77642.

Donate to Selena's Creative goals.  Help this Artist continue to create art pay using the safe and quick pay pal link.  
  Selena is not a none profit organization.  She is a struggling artists. Any funds donated to her will be given to her to help her with her needs.


Follow her on Facebook at


Tim Slaughter (05/08/1965 to 04/07/2015): Was a Port Arthur, Texas resident and native his musical styling’s are a rock-n-roll, funky vive.  He has been a featured artist on the which airs every Sunday night from 9:00pm to 11:00pm central time,  with songs like “Mach 2,” “Dowel Pin,” and “Under Pressure.”  Tim Slaughter quickly became a local favorite. Tim is the lead vocalist on his album and he plays the lead electric guitar, as well as the bass electric, and keyboard.  Tim played all his own music.  Each instrument you hear in his song tracks were played and recorded by him.  With the assistance of modern technology, he planed out his songs, playing each part himself; then, combined them and recorded them to create his music.  He sang both back up and lead vocals on each track.

To hear a sample of his music go to:  If this link does not open, copy the link to your browser to play Tim Slaughter Music on  or view him at

Tim Slaughter's last CD is for sale on for your listening pleasure.  “The New Distance” is currently out of stock. It will being sold on Inceptions of Design product page for $18.99 plus shipping and handling.


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